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Mass OES News
Information and News from around the State of Massachusetts

Paula A. Burge
Worthy Grand Matron

Maureen G. Holmgren  Grand Marshal

Stephen E. Donahue Worthy Grand Patron


January 2019

AGP Summer Trip 2019

Vermont Info

Reservation Form

February 2019

March 2019

2 - Rebecca F. McMenimen Dinner

3 - Centurions Day at the Races

    9 -  Dreamcatchers Association
   16 - Luminaries Association
​    22-24 Circle of Friends Association
​                    Meal Packages

     Wooden Fraternal Ornaments                      

      MA-OES Mugs                                       

Educational Fund Board

2019 Application

ESTARL Application
Isadore Forbes Benevolent Fund Board Application

Applicant Letter

Photos by Diana Spurrell, Official Photographer can be found ​ here