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Mass OES News
Information and News from around the State of Massachusetts

Paula A. Burge
Worthy Grand Matron

Maureen G. Holmgren  Grand Marshal

Stephen E. Donahue Worthy Grand Patron

Congratulations to all of our Grand Representatives

Alabama - Alexis L. Lavoie, Stella Chapter No. 3

Alberta - Thomas Butler, Clara Barton Chapter No. 63

Arizona - Heather L. Budio, Clara Barton Chapter No. 63

Arkansas - Susan Norberg, Rachel Chapter No. 61

Australia - Nicholas Pappas, Palestine Chapter No. 114

Bolivia - Steve Dunham, Plymouth Chapter No. 163

British Columbia/Yukon-Kathy A. Church,Naomi Chapter No.17

California - Sandra A. Thomas, Hannah Shaw Chapter No. 147

Colorado - Francis Cahill, Billerica Chapter No. 212

Connecticut - Thomas R. Richards, Hope Chapter No. 41

Delaware - Dennis Gibbons, Ida McKinley Chapter No. 86

District of Columbia - Erika J. Hoover, Palestine Chapter No. 114

Florida - Janet E. Stevens, Ida McKinley Chapter No. 86

Georgia - June A. Murray,  Rachel Chapter No. 61

Idaho - Diana K. Foster, Pilgrim Chapter No. 89

Illinois - Elmer Barger, Rose Croix Chapter No. 79

Indiana - Sara Merigold, Angle Stone Chapter No. 118

Iowa - Scott J. Guerard, Brockton Chapter No. 87

Italy - Laura M. Fowler, Acacia Chapter No. 80

Kansas - Alexis J. Price, Melrose Chapter No. 14

Kentucky - Sherrie L. Bates, Braintree Chapter No. 167

Louisana - Tasha-Lea S. Williams, Aurora Chapter No. 9

Maine - Donna M. Foley, Masona Chapter No. 134

Manitoba -  Susan Robinson, Tontoquon Chapter No. 100

Maryland - Joan M. Harlow, Quinobequin Chapter No. 67

Michigan - Laura Faria, Cortez Allen Chapter No. 161

Minnesota - Tamara L. Cleary, Tontoquon Chapter No. 100

Mississippi - James A. Peterson, Acacia Chapter No. 80

Missouri - Kathy D. LaMont, Brockton Chapter No. 87

Montana - Donna E. Doyon, Hannah Shaw No. 147

Nebraska - Michael D. Wolfe, Mount Carmel Chapter No. 230

Nevada - Heather L. Nixon, Hannah Shaw Chapter No. 147

New Brunswick - Isabelle M. Burke, Braintree Chapter No. 167

New Hampshire - Julie A. Salzarulo, James W. Hannum Chapter No. 150
New Jersey - Sandra Shaffer, Priscilla Chapter No. 52

New Mexico - Glenn E. Wilder, Sandwich Chapter No. 221

New York - Frederick J. Bowe, Magdelene Chapter No. 28

North Carolina - Jacqueline M. Stowell, Cradle Rock Chapter No. 125

North Dakota - Kaylyn Parker, Jessamine Chapter No. 75

Nova Scotia - Constance E. Vick, PGM, Brockton Chapter No. 87

Ohio - Pamela J. Alden, Aletheon Chapter No. 154

Oklahoma - Kimberly A. Potts, Heard Chapter No. 94

Ontario - Katherine D. Piechota, James W. Hannum Chapter No. 150

Oregon - Laura M. Brown, Melrose Chapter No. 14

Pennsylvania - Tina Marie Guerard, Brockton Chapter No. 87

Puerto Rico - Gerald D. Burge, Masona Chapter No. 134

Quebec - Yvette R.M. Beaumont, Agawam Chapter No. 121

Rhode Island - Virginia Welton, Angle Stone Chapter No. 118

Sao Paulo, Brazil - Steven C. Shaw, Franklin Chapter No. 92

Saskatchewan - Robert E. Karowski, Springfield Chapter No. 143

Scotland - Gordon MacKay, Contentment Chapter No.184

South Carolina - Gayle A. Horne, Matakese Chapter No. 158

South Dakota - Steven M. Hammond, Mt. Toby Chapter No. 174

Tennessee - Paul Handrahan, Contentment Chapter No. 184

Texas - Sean White, Billerica Chapter No. 212

Utah - Edna Engdahl, Contentment Chapter No. 184

Vermont - James W. Gordon, Corona Chapter No. 205

Virginia -Kathy J. Haines, Acacia Chapter No. 80

Washington - Lisa A. Bengiovanni, Myrtle Chapter No. 33

West Virginia - Carl Twiss, Priscilla Chapter No. 52

Wisconsin - Richard L. Blanchard, Franklin Chapter No. 92

Wyoming - Sarah E. Schultz, Wistaria Chapter No. 138