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Mass OES News
Information and News from around the State of Massachusetts

Carol W. Mushnick
Worthy Grand Matron

Faye M. Hauge Grand Marshal

Daniel E. Violette​Worthy Grand Patron

Diamond Winter Lights 2017-2018

Carol W. Mushnick
Worthy Grand Matron
Quinobequin Chapter No. 67
Daniel E. Violette
Worthy Grand Patron
Stella Chapter No. 3
Paula A. Burge
Associate Grand Matron Masona Chapter No. 134
Stephen E. Donahue
Associate Grand Patron
Palestine Chapter No. 114

Karen E. Grabau
Grand Secretary
Brockton Chapter No. 87
F.Ellen McKay
Grand Treasurer
Bethlehem Chapter No. 24
Judith A. Podymaitis
Grand Conductress
Tontoquon Chapter No. 100
Evelyn L. Bogue
Associate Grand Conductress
Arcana Chapter No. 50
James B. Parker
Grand Chaplain
​Jessamine Chapter No. 75

Faye M. Hauge
Grand Marshal
​Quinobequin Chapter No. 67
David E. Fournier
Grand Organist
Bethlehem Chapter No. 24
Debra M. Gowins
Grand Adah
​Mount Carmel Chapter No. 230
Ruth E. Pardee
Grand Ruth
​Corona Chapter No. 205
Cassandra J. Haines
Grand Esther
Acacia Chapter No. 80
Anne T. Violette
Grand Martha
​Stella Chapter No. 3
Gail M.F. Baillio
Grand Electa
Palestine Chapter No. 114
Glenn D. Mushnick
Grand Warder
​Quinobequin Chapter No. 67

David D. Frizzell
Grand Sentinel
​Billerica Chapter No. 212

Kathy A. Church
Deputy Grand Matron

Chapter No. 17

Linda J. Neal
​Deputy Grand Marshal

Beth R. Hurley
Deputy Grand Matron

Ida McKinley 
Chapter No. 86

Vivian E. Bean
Deputy Grand Marshal

Barbara L. Miller, GT Emeritus
Deputy Grand Matron

Mount Vernon
Chapter No. 97

Barbara A. Talenda
​Deputy Grand Marshal

Elizabeth A. Hill
Deputy Grand Matron

​Chapter No. 138

Gay Ellen Dennett
​Deputy Grand Marshal

Laura J. Terenzi
​Deputy Grand Matron

​Chapter No. 212

Donna L. Cahill
​Deputy Grand Marshal

Barbara J. Keene
​Deputy Grand Matron

Mount Carmel
Chapter No. 230

Kim Bauer
​Deputy Grand Marshal

Deborah L. Voss
Masona Chapter No. 134
Deputy Grand Marshal to the Associate Grand Matron

Tamara L. Cleary
​Tontoquon Chapter No. 100
Deputy Grand Marshal to
the Grand Conductress

Dorothy J. Verheyen
​Arcana Chapter No. 50
Deputy Grand Marshal to the Associate Grand Conductress

Martha L. Taggart
​Quinobequin Chapter No. 67
Fraternal Correspondent

Cynthia D. Kersting
​Heard Chapter No. 94
Personal Page to the
​Worthy Grand Matron

Gregg E. Bates
Braintree Chapter No. 167
Personal Page to the Worthy Grand Patron

Jean E. Neal
Franklin Chapter No. 92
Assistant to the
Grand Organist


She'ma Yisra'el el Adonai eloheinu Adonai echad
Hear, O Israel, the Lord is our G-d, the Lord is One
Watch Words

Shalom -  Perserverance -  Respect

Black          Red          White

Calla Lily                Blue Rose                 Lily of the Valley

You have to do what is right for you,
No one else is walking in your shoes.